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What we do

NAZO mainly engages in manufacturing PVC compound and plastic shoe. Our distinguished PVC compound raw material that can be used for the production of Hose, cable, plastic shoe, conduit, rubber and pipe are manufactured in great quality. We also manufacture and develop our own types of women and men foot wear.

About us

NAZO manufacturingplc is a privately owned company based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. NAZO engages in manufacturing and distributing PVC compound and plastic shoe for our respected target customers. We manufacture high quality products with a reasonable and affordable price range.
To deliver premium quality of variously graded of pvc raw materials to valued customer.
To become one of the leading PVC compound manufacturers in Ethiopia.

PVC compound

NAZO plc manufactures various graded of PVC raw materials. These are windows and door profile, cables, foot wears, garden hose, conduit and pipes and so on.

Plastic shoe

Our home designed and manufactured plastic shoe has a reassuring comfort and strength. We produce different sizes of plastic shoes for both men and women wear.